Everyone that was put on waivers yesterday cleared.

PL3 and Samuelsson made it to WBS!

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Evgeni Malkin drops the gloves with a seven-year-old kid at a charity game in Russia.

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Oh hello new Sid roster pic.


Oh hello new Sid roster pic.

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I was poking around wondering what Ehrhoff’s nickname was, and came across the typically unimaginative ‘Hoff’. Okay, that’s functional, I can use that.

But apparently after his ear got cut by a puck against the Flyers back in April and he had to have 40 stitches to fix it, he was also tagged ‘Earhoff’. Which. 

Hockey players, lmfao. Bless. [x]

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What good is having extremely talented players if you refuse to put them in the best position to succeed? For all of the successes that Dan Bylsma had as head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, perhaps his biggest folly was not adapting his philosophies to his players, instead forcing them to adapt to his system. Bylsma, who liked to play aging veterans as well guys that would “grind it out” over younger more-skilled alternatives, was truly holding back some of his players and teams from reaching their full potential. Bylsma was fired this off-season, along with general manager Ray Shero. 

Insert new head coach Mike Johnston. Johnston, who was previously coaching in the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks, is known for getting the most out of talented defenseman. His system is an up-tempo game that will allow the Pens’ defensemen to carry the puck out of the defensive zone to generate offense. This will be different from the Bylsma approach, which saw the defenseman look to make longer passes out of the zone. Instead of looking to chip the puck up the ice, the Pens will finally be able to be more creative, allowing players to carry the puck up the ice with puck support. 

Johnston’s system is perfect for the group of defensemen that the Penguins currently possess. 

The coaching change will benefit the Penguins as a whole, but perhaps no player will prosper more due to this change than Kris Letang. 

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whoretuzzo replied to your photo:Yes, this.
the thing is, johnston gets it. he gets the problem. and i have faith he’ll fix that problem. he’s already a good coach, ja feel?

Yeah, that’s basically how I’m feeling about it right now. It was kinda ugly to watch, but even as I was wincing I was like, okay, no way Johnston doesn’t work with them on that. It’s still only the - what, fourth game of preseason? They’re still internalizing the system and whatnot. And then Johnston makes a comment like that one and I nod along, yes good.

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